Pulsiv signs strategic pan-European distribution agreement with WPG EMEA to further expand demand creation activities

Pulsiv Limited, the Cambridge (UK) innovator of power electronics technology, has signed a pan-European distribution agreement with WPG EMEA. This important signing will see Pulsiv and WPG EMEA focus on demand creation activities to deploy Pulsiv OSMIUM technology throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa enabling engineers to maximise efficiency, reduce energy waste, and lower cost in the next generation of power electronics designs.

About WPG Holdings
WPG Holdings, founded in Taipei, Taiwan (TSE:3702) in 2005, are the largest worldwide semiconductor component distributor, with over 250 franchise partners and an annual turnover of more than $25 billion in 2022. The company employs in excess of 5000 staff throughout 78 global sales offices and expanded operations into Europe in April 2021, establishing WPG EMEA – the benchmark of distribution and demand creation.

WPG EMEA, a wholly owned subsidiary of WPG Holdings, was created to drive demand creation throughout the region and support global fulfilment activities generated as a result of major customer engagements. European headquarters were established in Amsterdam, with warehousing in Eindhoven, and additional sales support offices are located in the UK, Nordic, France, Germany, Austria, and Hungary, with further expansion planned from 2024. “TechVault”, an online digital demand creation tool, has been developed by WPG EMEA to provide the engineering community with valuable information and resources enabling effective, rapid, and efficient design activity. www.wpgemea.com

Nigel Watts, WPG EMEA President comments: “The establishment of WPG EMEA in 2021 represents the latest piece in the global jigsaw of WPG Holdings. Our dominance in APAC/China is now fully supported across the globe and our task in EMEA is provide full demand creation solutions to EMEA-based OEM partners and also enhance our global fulfilment capabilities for both OEMs and EMS providers alike. The signing of the Pulsiv technology is strategic to our product portfolio – rarely do you find a truly groundbreaking and game-changing product such as OSMIUM from Pulsiv. The power market is of such significance to the industry and the Pulsiv solution is disruptive and provides customers with the ability to design power solutions simply not possible in the past. WPG EMEA is delighted to be partnered with the people and technology of Pulsiv.”

Nick Theodoris, Pulsiv Director of Global Sales & Distribution adds: “This strategic agreement is hugely important for the expansion of our business. Pulsiv OSMIUM technology is truly game-changing as it enables engineers to develop more efficient power electronics, reduce energy waste, and save cost. Partnering with WPG EMEA as a recognized distribution business will help us expand our demand creation activities and we’re excited to be working with their highly experienced team.”

About Pulsiv OSMIUM technology
Using a patented switching technique, Pulsiv has developed an entirely new method for converting AC to DC that delivers a combination of game-changing benefits in power electronics designs. Our unique technology has extended the range of conventional flyback topologies to replace expensive LLC solutions, while achieving an unrivalled efficiency profile.

To simplify the design process, Pulsiv offers:

  • Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontrollers which implement our patented switching techniques
  • AC to DC front-end circuit configurations that include a Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontroller and supporting components for a complete AC to DC front-end design
  • Evaluation boards for rapid development of power supplies that use a Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontroller and front-end circuit configuration
  • Reference designs offering a complete solution by combining a Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontroller, AC to DC front-end design and carefully selected DC-DC converter
  • Expert design support to assist in optimising the technology for various applications
  • Tutorial videos providing an overview to various topics and complementary supporting documentation

Pulsiv OSMIUM technology provides a scalable platform for engineers to reduce size, improve energy consumption and optimise cost when designing a power supply for virtually any mains powered or battery charging application.


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