It’s GO time!

Written by Andy Neat, Product Manager- Marking & Identification and Industrial Cabinet Solutions

Just like buses, it’s me again! Two blogs in three weeks. I hope you’re all well and healthy still and slowly getting back to normal life.

I’ve got a new marking system to tell you about, yes, another one! We (as Product Mangers) were shown these new products in the early part of this year with a vision to launch at the famous Hannover Messe 2020…but of course that was all not to be.

At the start of UK lockdown we were told there would be a delay in the launch of the new marking system BUT I politely asked if German HQ could send one of the new systems to my house so I could unbox it and show it to you all! Which they did, and I did! In fact I published the video online in April as a teaser so you may have seen it already. The good news is the printer is now ready for launch this month!

And what is that printer? It’s the Thermomark GO!

The Thermomark GO is the answer to the question “Can I print form my phone on site?” Well, yes you can!

Cast your minds back to 2016 when I had no children and 100% brown hair! And when, also in that year, we launched the handheld THERMOFOX which was, and still is, a huge hit!

What we’ve done with the Thermomark GO is take a THERMOFOX, remove the keyboard, give a new state of the art App to use on Andriod & IOS phones & tablets instead, then allow you to Bluetooth all your markers over to the printer and there you have it- the Thermomark GO. Oh, and it takes all the material cassettes that the THERMOFOX takes too. Pretty cool!

As mentioned, we have a new MARKING App available from the Android Play Store and also the Apple App Store later next month which will drive the Thermomark GO. Not only that, it also allows you to create markers for other projects too- and because it’s all in the palm of your hand, you can do it whenever, wherever you want, literally! Also, if you’ve already got a Thermomark Card or Roll 2.0 then you can Bluetooth your marvellous marking creations straight over from the App to those too.

As with the THERMOFOX you can put AA batteries in the printer to give it a mobile aspect or, of course, use a power lead and battery.  And what’s more, we’ve also launched a new range of die cut labels for the Thermomark GO which are pre-determined shaped device labels and cable tie markers…and listen to this; IT PRINTS SHRINK SLEEVE! That’s right, you can print shrink sleeve from your phone on-site in seconds.

As usual, Phoenix Contact are not getting stuck in the mud with making systems and are continuously ploughing forward with new ideas to make the engineer’s life easier, even in the simple world of marking.

So if you’re an engineer who often gets caught short for a label on site, you might want to chuck one of these in the van…maybe not chuck!

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