The Channel Channel Podcast Discussion of Covid Workplace Disruptions with ECIA’s David Loftus and JJM Search’s Carla Mahrt

ECIA’s President and CEO David Loftus interviews Carla Mahrt, Founder of JJM Search, an executive recruitment firm focused on the electronics industry in this episode of The Channel Channel podcast.  The thoughtful discussion covers the workplace disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and what skills are required to work from home successfully; what the industry needs to do to attract a more diverse workforce, the importance of mentoring and much more. 

“The HR implications of the pandemic will be felt for some time as the recovery unfolds,” noted David Loftus. “Carla sheds light on what employers need to be doing to ensure their workers are productive and focused during this very uncertain period. We say people are our most important asset. Carla’s insights can help employers translate that into action for these challenging times.”

“Despite all of the chaos the pandemic has caused for businesses, the electronics industry has proven to be very resilient and adaptable to change,” remarked Ms. Mahrt.  “I think core attributes such as employee integrity and solid work ethics will remain unchanged despite the everchanging global landscape.”

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