TAGARNO Launches New Configurator to Empower B2B Buyers in Digital Microscopy Selection

TAGARNO is proud to introduce its latest innovation – a dynamic new configurator. With research indicating that B2B buyers increasingly prefer to conduct extensive research independently before engaging with sales representatives, TAGARNO has developed a cutting-edge tool tailored to meet these evolving needs.

The new configurator, now available on the TAGARNO website, empowers B2B buyers to explore the extensive range of digital microscopy options independently. Offering a streamlined five-step process (or fewer, depending on the chosen microscope), the configurator guides users through selecting the perfect accessories and software to meet their unique requirements.

Using informative videos and before-and-after photos, the configurator provides invaluable insights into the value and functionality of various software and accessories, facilitating informed decision-making. Once the ideal microscope configuration is assembled, users can seamlessly request a quote for their chosen setup.

This innovative tool consolidates comprehensive product information into one easily accessible platform, eliminating the need for customers to engage directly with TAGARNO or local sales representatives. By presenting compatibility between individual products and showcasing the full potential of TAGARNO microscopes, the configurator simplifies the selection process for customers.

Prior to launch, the new configurator underwent rigorous testing and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from existing customers, including the Quality Assurance Manager at Abstract Electronics. Participants praised the configurator’s user-friendly interface, straightforward presentation of essential information, and the inclusion of visual aids such as images and videos, which proved instrumental in understanding the significance of selecting specific accessories.

While the configurator aligns with emerging B2B behavior trends, TAGARNO remains committed to providing personalized support to customers who prefer direct interaction. Whether in-person or remote, TAGARNO sales representatives are available to assist buyers throughout their purchasing journey.

With the introduction of this innovative configurator, TAGARNO continues to lead the way in empowering B2B buyers and streamlining the digital microscopy selection process.

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