Snap Evaluation Kit Speeds Up Replacement of Physical Connectors

Want a short-range, high-speed wireless solution for consumer and embedded applications that’s robust, easy to integrate, and doesn’t require a lot of design support? Take a look at Lattice’s Snap wireless connector family. Based on Lattice’s production-proven 60 GHz SiBEAM technology, the Snap modules offer a robust, environment-proof and connector-less link. Running a 12 Gbps full duplex bandwidth at 300 ns single direction latency, this technology is a perfect replacement for physical connectors, such as USBs. Now you can quickly convert a wired USB link into a wireless Snap solution using Lattice’s new Snap evaluation kit. The kit allows you to use a Windows utility for link debug and performance analysis, or set up an End-fire antenna configuration that wirelessly propagates the USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and I2C data signals from the edge side of the Snap modules.


Want to see Snap technology in action? Check out this video.



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