Say goodbye to public EV charging stations thanks to Phoenix Contact

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, a demand for enough available charging stations is increasing as well. Having your own is one of the options. HOME charging technology starter pack from Phoenix Contact is a ready-to-use solution directly from SOS electronic.

There are still voices questioning the ecological side of electromobility, but it is certain that the number of electric cars on the roads is increasing.

Therefore, there is a growing need for charging points. Even though you can’t do without public charging points when travelling longer distances, home charging will suffice for everyday travel to work and shopping.

One of the most important European players in the field of electromobility, Phoenix Contact, comes up with a set that can be used to build a charging station near a family house or company building.

This so-called starter pack contains all the necessary components and installation instructions. Once assembled, the station is ready to charge electric cars with alternating current with type 2 charging sockets.

In the process of developing electromobility, several specifications have emerged, including the specific geometry of the connectors, which have been adopted in various regions of the world.

And thus we have three standards accepted today:

  1. For North America – CCS type 1 (Combined Charging System)

The term “combined” means that the same connector is for both AC mains (single and 3-phase systems) and for fast DC charging.

  1. For Europe – CCS type 2
  2. For China – GB/T

W A R N I N G! As this is a connection of the device to the distribution network, the installation can be performed only by a person with appropriate education and authorization (electrician).

Find 2 versions of starter kits in our assortment:

1. EV-SET-T2AC-BAS-RCM1-20AC5MES (1628077)

Set with a 5m charging cable (terminated with a type 2 connector that you plug into your electric car). This set is designed for 1-phase AC voltage 230Vac and provides charging power of 3.7kW. 

This is charging mode 3/ case C – the charging cable is permanently connected to the station, the connector is only on one end – on the side of the vehicle.

This home charging station kit contains:

  • Charging cable type 2, length 5m
  • Panel/wall connector holder
  • Charging control unit
  • Differential error current module
  • Required terminal blocks and jumpers
2. EV-SET-T2AC-BAS-RCM1-20ASE12 (1628080)

The second kit with a socket where you can use the cable supplied with the vehicle, or you can buy it at SOS electronic (EV-SET). 

This set is designed for 3-phase AC voltage 400 Vac and provides charging power of 11kW. This is charging mode 3/ case B – the charging cable has a connector at both ends.

This home charging station kit contains:

  • Charging socket
  • Protective cover (provides IP54 protection)
  • Charging control unit
  • The residual current monitoring module
  • Required terminal blocks and jumpers

These kits are also available in a version for two charging points.

With the High Power Charging (HPC) system, Phoenix Contact has developed a charging technology that can charge the battery of an electric vehicle for a distance of 100 km in just 3 to 5 minutes.

The heart of this technology is a high-performance charging connector with intelligent cooling that allows for a charging current of up to 500 A. At a system voltage of 1000 V, this corresponds to a charging power of 500,000 W.

Find HOME charging technology kits for electric vehicles directly in SOS electronic stock range.

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