Sager Electronics offers Laird Thermal Systems’ thermoelectric coolers

Sager Electronics is now stocking Laird Thermal Systems’ OptoTEC OTX/HTX series of miniature thermoelectric coolers for optoelectronics.

Sager Electronics, a leading North American distributor of Interconnect, Power, and Electromechanical products and custom solutions provider is now stocking Laird Thermal Systems’ OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX series of miniature thermoelectric coolers for high-temperature optoelectronics.

Utilizing next-generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling performance over standard product offerings, Laird Thermal Systems’ OptoTEC™ Series is a high-performance, miniature thermoelectric cooler. The series’ process controls have been enhanced to guarantee long life operation and repeatability in temperature stabilization applications.

Available in two formats, the OptoTEC™ OTX thermoelectric cooler has a maximum operating temperature of 120°C and the OptoTEC™ HTX is designed to operate in extreme temperatures of up to 150°C. Custom configurations are also available.

Laird Thermal Systems’ OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX series is in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to learn more.

Company: Sager Electronics

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