Rhopoint Components stock a wide range of the MP ultra-precision resistor series from Alpha Electronics

The MP series from Alpha Electronics offers a wide resistance range from 30Ω up to 30kΩ, suitable for the most demanding precision applications.


These small surface-mount resistors are in a moulded package with J-lead terminations with a resistive element which is mechanically isolated from the contact terminals, utilising Alpha’s Bulk Metal® foil resistor technology. The MP series have a tight tolerance of either ±0.05% or ±0.1% and with a TCR of either ±5 ppm/°C or ±10 ppm/°C (depending the resistance value required). These  resistors have maximum operating temperature +125°C and working voltage of 50V


Alpha’s MP surface-mount, ultra-precision resistor series exhibit excellent high frequency characteristics thanks to their Bulk Metal® foil resistor technology, making them suitable for the most demanding precision applications.

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