Reliable solutions for specific identification needs

Brady Corporation develops reliable labels and identification solutions that can resist extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure or friction. These tested labels enable more workplace safety, better troubleshooting, complete traceability and other identification advantages in challenging applications and environments.

Every surface, any environment
Even complex surfaces in challenging industrial environments can be durably identified with a professional identification label. Brady uses material science, expertise and worldwide experience in a great number of industries to develop identification labels that stick on clean, rough, oily and powdered surfaces, and that remain legible when exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasion and pressure.

Your identification label
Industries with identification challenges can contact Brady to find a durable solution. Customer service and R&D teams can propose a standard label or research and construct new labels to solve unique identification needs. Available customisable label components include label materials, adhesives, topcoats, laminates, sizes, colours, shapes, layouts and pre-prints.

 Printable at location
Just like standard labels, custom labels can also be printed or finalised at any location. Install the firmware update on your custom capable Brady label printer, load the custom label rolls, manually or automatically add the specific information your label should display, print and identify.

Enable more productivity, better troubleshooting, complete traceability, increased workplace safety and other identification advantages with durable identification labels that fit your needs. Contact Brady at [email protected].

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