Protect you Sensitive electronics with Compostable Electrostatic Dissipating Film

We are pleased to announce that new Eco Works® ESD is available from Croatian bioplastics plant, Eco Works® ESD Film® made from  renewable raw materials  disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water within months in a commercial composting environment.

EcoCortec. Green Eco Works® ESD proprietary technology is a range of formulations that encompasses? environmentally safe and dissipating features. These formulations can be customized to customer’s  precise needs. Designed with the environment in mind, Eco Works® ESD contains renewable raw materials ranging from 5 – 45%, depending on the formulation as well as anti-static properties, which reduce or eliminate static buildup. Designed to replace traditional low density and high density films, Eco Works® ESD is suitable for industrial uses. All Eco Works® ESD formulations are certified compostable per ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 and by Biodegradable Products Institute with BPI/USCC logo. The exact time needed for Eco Works® ESD products to biodegrade is  dependent upon the conditions and activity of the disposal environment (temperature, soil quality, activity of microorganisms). When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco Works® ESD films will fully biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water within a matter of weeks. There is no eco-toxicity to the soil, plants or microorganisms involved in this process. Since microorganisms are the means for biodegradation, Eco Works® ESD is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly. Eco Works® ESD films can be curtailed to meet the requirements of your application ranging from fexible to rigid films.

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