Pasternack’s New Trihedral Corner Reflectors Enhance Radar and Antenna Testing Accuracy

Innovative Design Ensures Efficient Reflection of Incoming Signals.

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products, has announced the launch of its new trihedral corner reflectors. These reflectors, featuring a unique trihedral design, are poised to revolutionize radar and antenna testing applications by optimizing signal reflection and measurement accuracy.

These reflectors have three flat surfaces meeting at right angles to form a corner structure. This innovative design ensures the efficient reflection of incoming signals back towards the source, making them indispensable in various testing and measurement scenarios.

One of the primary applications of Pasternack’s trihedral corner reflectors is in radar cross-section (RCS) measurements. Placed strategically within a controlled environment, these reflectors simulate radar echoes, enabling precise assessment and calibration of radar systems. Moreover, they find extensive use in antenna testing, helping evaluate and optimize antenna performance.

Key features of the corner reflectors include their compact size, ranging from 1.4 inches to 13 inches, which caters to different radar target sizes. With a high RCS, these reflectors ensure optimal signal reflectivity for accurate measurements. Their rugged configuration, complemented by a durable gray powder-coat finish, allows them to withstand diverse environmental conditions.

Operating in the 10 GHz to 100 GHz frequency range, these reflectors are suitable for a wide array of applications. Precision machined and tripod mountable, they offer convenient and secure mounting options for seamless integration into testing setups.

“Pasternack is dedicated to providing professionals in the radar and antenna technology domains with cutting-edge tools that enhance testing accuracy and efficiency,” said Product Line Manager Kevin Hietpas. “Our trihedral corner reflectors exemplify our commitment to innovation and precision engineering, catering to the evolving needs of our customers.”

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