New Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect for the perfect work-light-balance

The new Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect is a suspended edge-lit, a stand-alone luminaire with direct (70 percent) and indirect (30 percent) light emission. It, therefore, provides the right lighting for a variety of office requirements in line with relevant office norms. The new luminaires for the Panel 1200 series follow the unified and award-winning LEDVANCE SCALE design language. They also offer flexible mounting options and keep operating and maintenance costs low. The Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect luminaires are now available in two different versions (on/off and DALI) at wholesalers.


Lighting systems for office buildings have to comply with numerous standards, directives, laws, and guidelines and have to take into account different health and safety requirements as well as scenarios depending on the architecture, usage and area size. Key demands include widely glare-free light for screen-based work, uniform distribution of light and adequate illuminance. Only suitable lighting solutions that are ergonomically well-designed can create a productive working environment, help to enhance the employees’ concentration and thus offer benefits for companies in every sector. With the new Panel Direct/Indirect, LEDVANCE launches a luminaire series that meets these specific requirements.


High quality of light – low maintenance and operational costs

The new Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect luminaires deliver 70 percent direct light for the workplace and 30 percent indirect light for basic illumination with a luminous flux up to 4,000 lumens (2,800 lumens down / 1,200 lumens up). Thanks to the micro-prismatic high transmission PMMA light guide, homogenous and controlled light distribution is provided. Thus, a Unified Glare Rating less than 19 (UGR<19) in accordance with the norm UNI-EN 12464-1 can be achieved. The luminaires of the new series cause low maintenance and operational costs due to a good luminous efficacy of up to 110 lumen per watt and a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours (L70/B50). Further, the included driver is integrated into the canopy, which leads to more flexibility in case a change is necessary. The Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect luminaires are also available with DALI electronic control gear as an option. LEDVANCE grants a guarantee of five years for all luminaires of the new Panel series.


Minimalist, functional design and easy installation

The Panel Direct/Indirect series follows the modern SCALE design language by LEDVANCE, winner of the German Design Award 2019 in the Light category. The luminaire is very slim and features sleek high-quality styling with an aluminum frame and rounded edges. The transparent electrical cables can be easily wired thanks to fast-connectors. Additionally, the suspension steel-wires allow positioning the luminaire on the required height.


The Panel 1200 Direct/Indirect luminaires marketed for lighting professionals via wholesalers are available under the LEDVANCE brand.

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