LEIBINGER IQJET nominated for the prestigious German innovation award

Innovating to meet the changing needs of business.

As a country, Germany is understandably proud of its reputation for creating new and innovative products. And there is one award that recognises this more than any other: The German Innovation Award, operated and judged by the prestigious German Design Council.

In 2024, LEIBINGER is delighted to be nominated for the Award, thanks to its remarkable new IQJET industrial printer. But what is special about the newest and most advanced printer?

Continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) is an essential part of the production process for printing onto a huge variety of products, from food packing and furniture to eggs and electronics. The information they print – such as barcodes, batch numbers and expiry dates – is important for the efficient tracking of products and the digital operation of the world’s supply chains.

But while modern businesses have had to reduce costs, improve sustainability, and reduce downtime, many manufacturers are still using legacy platforms selling of printer that has been in use for decades. Not so with LEIBINGER. We have constantly innovated to address these major concerns in the following ways.

  • Maintenance free for 5 years. The IQJET is maintenance-free for five years thanks to its SMART.CARE concept. Unlike other CIJ printers, the IQJET has no constantly running feed pump, reducing wear and tear on components. Reducing maintenance costs to zero is a huge advantage for cost-conscious businesses.
  • No production stops for cleaning. When there is a break in production, many printers become clogged as ink dries on the printhead. This entails lengthy cleaning cycles prior to resuming production, where even an hour of downtime can result in significant costs! The unique IQPRINT technology used in IQJET eliminates this completely. IQPRINT combines the world famous LEIBINGER automatic nozzle sealing technology with a new smart ink management system. No clogging, no cleaning, no downtime. Simply high printing quality at every time.
  • Lowest operating costs and environmental impact on the market. By automatically sealing the ink circuit, IQJET uses far less ink than competitors. It also condenses evaporated solvent and feeds it back into the system. Even the new cartridges are designed to empty to the very last drop, unlike many competitive designs. In terms of power, the IQJET also draws only 36W on average, making it one of the most efficient on the market. The result is a more sustainable solution that reduces consumption by 50%. LEIBINGER summarizes this overall package of IQJET benefits as SMART.EFFICIENCY.
  • Plug & Print and intuitive operation. The SMART.OS technology of IQJET offers straightforward installation and effortless operation. With its diverse range of interfaces, including OPC UA and an integrated PLC, IQJET seamlessly integrates into any packaging line. The latest HMI provides an intuitive user experience through drag & drop functionalities like on a smart device.

100% German-built, 100% family-operated, 100% customer-driven

German companies are known for their innovation and quality. Since the LEIBINGER company was founded in 1948 by Paul Leibinger it has always innovated to meet the changing needs of customers. Now, in 2024 under the guidance of Paul Leibinger’s grand-daughter Christina Leibinger, we are delighted to continue that tradition – and proud to be recognised by the German Design Council for our achievements.

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