Ledlenser Release New Premium Work Light Series

Designed for industry and trade: the new portable W series work lights make sure you are able to see what you are doing when on a job both on and off site.

  • Efficient: high luminosity and long battery life
  • Compact: always readily at hand
  • Robust: durable, suited for non-stop use

Want a reliable light source that’s available at all times and suitable for building sites, workshops and switchboard enclosures? Depending on the job at hand, professionals expect different things from their work lights: selectable colour temperature and higher colour rendering indices help electrical contractors test cables. Talking about plumbing and heating, UV light identifies leaks. The Automotive Mechatronics sector needs lamps with plane heads to light up hard-to-reach places. Decorators and air-brushers are looking for a homogenous area lighting and flexible light mounting options. “The seven products in our new W series were designed precisely with these requirements in mind,” explains Guido Geratz, product manager at Ledlenser. The new premium work lights manufactured by the company who is based in Solingen, Germany, are now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

Higher Luminosity. Useful Features.

Ledlenser’s portable W series LED work lights are aimed at industry and trade, and were designed for improved performance: besides the tried and tested light quality, all seven products are highly efficient, combining high luminosity and a long battery life. Moreover, they come with a set of really handy features and a sturdy plastic housing that easily withstands heavy-duty use.  Their textured surface makes sure they don’t slip out of your hand. Alternatively, depending on which product you choose, they feature either a clip, a snap hook, a base or a magnet, to be attached where needed. With the exception of the W2 Work pen light that is powered by batteries, all other members of the W series use an inbuilt USB-rechargeable Li-Ion bank. The new W line replaces the current iW series, with W lights being brighter than their predecessors and possessing a USB-C port. They feature battery level indicators that tell you when to look for a mains outlet. All work lights have a travel lock that prevents them from accidentally switching on during transport. Last but not least, all seven Ledlenser W series products come with a 7-year extended warranty (instead of two years, as previously.)

All Seven New Products at a Glance.

The ultra-compact W1R Work light features a clip, a swivel joint and a rotary head to ensure versatility. W2R Work is a pocket-sized pen light with a spot function for detail inspections and a floodlight for larger areas. The W2 version of the Work pen light is powered by conventional batteries. W4R Work also features a spot and a floodlight, however, comes with a 180-degree swivel joint, a base and a magnetic mount. W5R is a high-performance work lamp with high luminosity, able to light up large workspace areas, and possessing both a magnetic base and a snap hook. The highly versatile W6R work light features a rotary flip-head which makes it suitable for use in very confined space. W7R Work is the power tool among the series that enables seamless colour temperature selection ranging from neutral white to cold white. This helps tell colours and, as a result, cables, apart. Moreover, the product emits 365 mm UV light to facilitate leak detection and document checking. The LED floodlight lens ensures a homogenous premium illumination of large areas. Mounting options include a base, a magnetic holder and a snap hook.

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