Webinar | Learn to utilize the many cores of an AURIX™

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19 July 2018 /
7am PDT / 10am EDT / 4pm CEST

AURIX™ is a broadly used multi-core architecture for real-time, safety-, and security-critical automotive applications. An efficient software design to utilize up to six cores of AURIX™ TC3xx derivatives requires tools to perform the tasks and runnability of the AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) to the various cores and to partition the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE).

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The webinar presents basic multi-core use cases, the distribution of mode mgmt. stack, communication, and diagnostics of the BSW.

What you will learn

A simple example will explain how to utilize the presented content to distribute three software components to two cores and related AURIX™ TC38x MCAL drivers with specific support for multi-core.

Who should attend

The perfect webinar for AUTOSAR software engineers who want to learn how to utilize the many cores of an AURIX™ multi-core architecture in an efficient manner with the EB tresos tool.


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