Industrial piezo speaker SCS-32 with Wago terminals

Well proven, dust-proof, water-proof and even shock-proof piezo loudspeakers Sonitron SCS 32 are now available in SOS electronic´s portfolio together with Wago spring clips for quick and efficient assembly without the need for soldering.

Sonitron is a Belgian company specializing in the development and production of piezo converters for over 30 years.

The SCS series of flat loudspeakers is one of the best available on the market and is one of the best we can find in the field of flat piezo speakers.

SCS series comes up in three sizes-  SCS-17, SCS-24 and SCS-32.

In particular, they have the following features:

  • Resistant to dust, water and vibration
  • Solid and stable construction 
  • Capable of operating in a wide temperature range: -40 …+85°C
  • Wide frequency range at small sizes 
  • Can be used as a speaker or as a microphone 
  • About 60% higher acoustic performance at small dimensions compared to electrodynamic speakers 
  • Long lifetime

The manufacturer has added one more to these features. SCS 32 is now available in the SCS-32 CON SP02 version with the well-known WAGO 2060 series SMD spring clips, which we introduced in our article. So far, SCS loudspeakers have been available only with THT pins for PCB mounting or with SMT terminals. In both cases, however, it was necessary to place the speaker on the PCB.

What does the implementation of WAGO 2060 terminals bring?

Above all, easy connection. There is no need for soldering, no (auxiliary) PCBs, and it is a vibration-resistant solution. Conductors with a cross-section of 0.20 … 0.75 mm2 can be used.

Of course, the original SCS versions for PCB mounting have their merits, and if you prefer, for example, mounting directly on the main PCB, then it is still the easiest solution.

As it is clear from the laws of electroacoustics, loudspeakers with larger diaphragms naturally have better performance at lower frequencies and usually also a higher efficiency. Therefore, when designing a device, it is needed to consider what audio content a given speaker should transmit and choose one of the three available sizes accordingly.

For a detailed description of the characteristics, please refer to the Sonitron Piezoceramic Speakers and Piezo audio amplifiers datasheet, as well as the SCS-32-CON-SP02 datasheet.

Piezo loudspeaker SCS-32 CON SP02 can be found in our product range.

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