IBASE Edge AI Computing System Wins 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award

IBASE Technology Inc. (TPEx: 8050), a leading provider of industrial computers and embedded systems, is pleased to announce that its SI-624-AI edge AI Computing System has won the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award. It’s the twenty-fifth product to win the prestigious award seven years in a row. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs invited more than 140 experts in various fields to conduct a comprehensive selection. The winning products excelled in four key areas: research and development, design, quality, and marketing, fully demonstrating the innovative value of emerging technologies that integrate energy conservation and carbon reduction for a sustainable future.

The product that stands out this time is the industrial-grade SI-624-AI edge AI computing system that recently won the Best in Show award from the industry’s leading media Embedded Computing Design at the Embedded World 2023 Exhibition in Germany. It is equipped with the 13th/12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and integrates the NVIDIA Ampere architecture MXM GPU card with up to 5888 CUDA cores / 17.66 TFLOPS. The system leverages powerful computing capabilities for advanced image processing and is suitable for deployment in edge computing environments to run AI algorithms locally. It features OOB (Out-of-Band) management and PDPC (Peripheral Device Power Control) functions to effectively manage devices in case of OS crashes, malfunctions, or external device issues.

“The built-in graphics card of SI-624-AI is provided in the form of MXM module, making it easy to upgrade and replace. Users can choose NVIDIA MXM GPU with different performance and power consumption according to their needs,” said Albert Lee, senior executive VP at IBASE. “It incorporates several energy-saving features, including IBASE’s proprietary iSMART green technology that enables power on/off scheduling with power resume capabilities, and the Observer utility that remotely monitors system voltages and temperature to ensure the system is operating efficiently while minimizing energy consumption and downtime.” The powerful, compact and rugged system meets the needs of high-performance requirements in space-constrained harsh environments. Its TPM 2.0 helps safeguard sensitive information in AI-driven environments.


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