HIROSE – FX26 Series, Durable Board-to-Board connector suitable for powertrain connection

HIROSE ELECTRIC has successfully developed a high contact reliability connector with a -40 to 140℃ operating temperature that maintains the highest performance in vibration environments, including on-board powertrain.
– Durable Board-to-Board connector suitable for powertrain connection –

HIROSE ELECTRIC’s FX26 maintains high contact reliability even in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140℃ and under severe vibration of on-board powertrain. Board-to-Board floating connector “FX26 Series”, the highest performing connector in vibration environments, will be released soon.

● High heat and vibration relief performance required

While the shift to hybrid cars and EV (electric vehicle) is gaining momentum worldwide, the motors and inverters used in these eco-cars are always subject to problems of heat generation and vibration. In addition, the lifespan of a car, which was said to be 10 years and 100,000 kilometers, is increasing rapidly, so vehicles need to be able to be operated safely for a long period of time. Therefore, automotive connectors must also be tough enough to withstand the high heat and vibration conditions of powertrains for long time spans.

● Pursuing vehicle quality that withstands heat and vibration

The market needs of heat resistance and vibration resistance were used as criteria for our products. These criteria were cleared through repeated research and development. We have developed a product that satisfies in-vehicle quality. A unique floating structure solves the problem of contact failure caused by vibration. We have completed a small, easy-to-assemble connector with outstanding performance in vibration environments.
That product is the Board-to-Board floating connector “FX26”, designed to withstand heat and vibration.

Board-to-Board Floating Connector with Vibration Isolation Structure “FX26”
(1) Thermal shock test at -40 to 140 ℃ and 3,000 cycles cleared to confirm heat resistance.
(2) Pass severe vibration conditions for equipment installed in the engine room, such as inside the inverter.
(3) 1 mm pitch, low height, space-saving. Contributes to sets downsizes.

● Product development based on the FX26 design concept

The newly developed FX26 can meet the requirements of powertrain control systems for existing electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
We will continue to meet the evolving and increasing needs of automotive electronics by keeping FX26’s design concept in mind when developing future products.

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