Heilind Electronics Introduces the JAE JN13 Plastic Low-Profile Waterproof Connector Series

Enhanced connectivity in a waterproof, space-saving, hybrid design.

Heilind Electronics, a premier global distributor of electronic components, is featuring the JAE JN13 Series of connectors. This innovative all-plastic, low-profile connector is tailored for compact servomotors with metal housings, offering a hybrid solution that consolidates power, ground, and signal lines into a singular, space-efficient housing.

With an IP67 rating, the JN13 ensures waterproof integrity when mated. The design incorporates crimp termination contacts and a screw-fastened mating method to provide vibration resistance, ensure a dependable seal, and built-in grounding structure. The versatile JN13 further features a plug hood with a 180° selectable cable exit.

Applications and industries for the JN13 series include servomotors, robotics, industrial tools, and various other industrial applications.

The JN13 series is available to order from Heilind. For more details on this product, please visit the Heilind Electronics website or contact a Heilind representative.


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