Heilind Electronics Expands Cinch Connectivity Solutions Offering

Heilind Electronics, a premier distributor of electronic components worldwide and an authorized distributor for Cinch Connectivity Solutions, has introduced the Johnson SMPM connector family to its portfolio of RF interconnects. This solution features a new set of SMA to SMPM between-series adapters targeted at 5G and other high-frequency test applications.

Designed to provide the highest quality data transmission, Johnson’s SMA/SMPM adapters are available in plug-to-plug, plug-to-jack, jack-to-plug and jack-to-jack configurations. The series delivers high-frequency performance up to 26.5 GHz, operating beyond the typical SMA 18 GHz range. The adapters also feature an excellent VSWR of 1.20 up to 20 GHz and 1.25 from 20 to 26.5 GHz.

Johnson high-frequency connectors and adapters support data signal transmission for test and measurement lab equipment, semiconductor ATE test boards, instrumentation test fixture hardware and many communication networking instrument applications. Visit Heilind’s website for more information on Johnson SMA/SMPM adapters.

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