Harwin Expands Breadth of Surface Mount 3-Point PCB Socket Series

High-reliability connector supplier Harwin has announced further additions to its Sycamore Contact (https://www.harwin.com/product-highlights/sycamore-contact/) product offering. While this series was initially capable of accommodating 1mm and 1.5mm diameter contact pins, it now covers pin sizes from 0.80 to 1.90mm.
There are a wide variety of scenarios where electronic devices/modules will require replacement over time (such as depleted gas sensors or worn-out energy harvesting transducers). In addition, initial exposure of these modules to soldering temperatures can introduce the risk of early failure due to heat damage. Both these risks show that direct soldering onto the PCB is clearly unadvisable. Removal of a failed or damaged module will prove difficult, and could result in scrappage of the whole board.
The Sycamore Contact series of surface mount PCB sockets allow odd-form devices/modules that are not suited to regularly-spaced socket strip arrangements to be attached without any future inconvenience, should removal be required at a later stage. Whereas other contact solutions of this kind only comprise 2 points of contact to the mating pin, making them vulnerable to exposure from vibrational forces, the patent pending design of the Sycamore Contact gives engineers access to 3 contact points. This markedly improves operational stability, as well as delivering stronger pin retention and heightened levels of signal integrity.
Available in both top-entry and bottom-entry configurations, these sockets have a current rating of 6A and a 15mΩ (maximum) contact resistance. Their sturdy construction, which uses beryllium copper with gold plating, means that they support 500 mating cycles and exhibit an operational temperature range spanning from -50°C to +125°C. As these components can be supplied in a tape-and-reel format, they are highly suited to automated production processes, with the surface mount placement feet also serving as the pickup areas for pick-and place machinery.

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