Futurize Your Facility in a Snap with Red Lion Panel Meters, Available at RS

Red Lion’s PM-50 panel meters create smart factories the moment they’re plugged in, producing centralized, actionable data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere and enabling plant operators to drive efficiency, improve productivity, react quickly to issues, and reduce costs.

RS, a trading brand of RS Group plc (LSE: RS1), a global provider of product and service solutions for industrial customers, offers Red Lion’s advanced PM-50 graphical panel meters, which transform standard industrial facilities into smart ones the moment they’re plugged in, allowing users to capitalize on Industry 4.0.

While panel meters have always been a crucial component of a facility’s data infrastructure, they primarily served as visualization tools that lacked smart capabilities. Red Lion’s PM-50 panel meters offer comparatively revolutionary capabilities, adding more value and utility than ever by enabling more efficient processes and improving uptime while lowering operational costs. PM-50 panel meters can be used in numerous settings and industries, including industrial factories and water/wastewater, food and beverage, and packaging plants.

Machine operators can begin harvesting data the moment they connect a PM-50 to Wi-Fi, and since the collected data can be sent to any smart device in real time, they’ll no longer be tethered to the plant floor. Rather than a numerical display, PM-50 panel meters offer a more intuitive, graphical representation of information, providing operators with a more dynamic understanding of the data so they can react to issues as they arise. They also offer multiple display options to help drive efficiency, color-coding options to prioritize data based on urgency, and push notifications to help reduce downtime.

Installation, configuration, and setup are easy as well. Installing Red Lion’s PM-50 panel meters is as simple as unplugging the old meter, inserting a PM-50 into any ⅛ or 1/16 DIN panel cutout, and connecting it to Wi-Fi. Setup can be conducted manually or via the meters’ setup wizard or the Red Lion app, and OEM customers can quickly and easily configure units using SD cards, saving valuable time and labor.

In addition, since these panel meters are both more advanced than previous iterations and easier to use, a single operator can readily run multiple machines and oversee multiple processes. Even legacy equipment can be made smarter with the PM-50’s enhanced data collection capabilities. And this type of efficiency is more essential than ever in the face of global industrial labor shortages.

Red Lion’s PM-50 panel meters are available in two models, both of which are easily customizable and scalable, allowing users to add as many or as few features as they want.

The Model 04 is an intelligent meter with a ⅛ DIN panel size, a 4.3” color touchscreen, and a dual-screen display that allows users to swipe for access to two additional screens. The Model 03 is an intelligent meter with a 1/16 DIN panel size, a 3.5” color touchscreen, and a single screen display that users can swipe to access four additional screens. Both support digital or analog data, are easy to read, and offer customizable graphics to convey operational data. They also both allow users to stack modules to increase capabilities. The Model 03 supports up to three modules while the Model 04 supports up to five, and options include RS232 serial communications modules, Ethernet communications modules, analog output modules, dual setpoint relay output modules, quad setpoints relay output modules, and AC to DC power modules.

For more information about Red Lion’s PM-50 panel meters, including videos, brochures, and product information, please visit the links embedded here. For assistance identifying, deploying, and maintaining Red Lion panel meters that are, smart, efficient, easy to install and configure, reliable, cost-effective, customizable, and scalable, please contact your local RS representative at 1.866.433.5722 or reach out to the RS technical support team.


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