For battery-powered BLDC motor controls: Three-phase SOI-based gate driver MOTIXTM 6ED2742S01Q from Infineon at Rutronik

Robust and cost-effective one-stop solution for battery-powered applications.

With the MOTIXTM 6ED2742S01Q, Infineon is launching a 160 V SOI- based gate driver specifically designed for three-phase BLDC motor drive applications. It has a bootstrap voltage (VB node) of +160 V and a floating channel specifically for bootstrap operation. It features a particularly compact design (QFN32 lead, 5 x 5 mm) and at the same time higher power density for applications up to 500 W. The gate driver ensures significantly lower level shift losses at a switching frequency of up to 500 kHz for BLDC inverter stages. In addition, thanks to easy-to-use analog functionality and 100 % duty cycle operation, it is a user-friendly, robust, and cost-effective solution for cordless power tools. Other applications include robotics, multicopters, drones, and LSEV. The MOTIXTM 6ED2742S01Q and other Infineon products are available at

A current sense amplifier (CSA) with a selectable gain is installed between the VSS and COM. To enable a wide input VIN range, the MOTIXTM 6ED2742S01Q has a power management unit (PMU) with a linear pre-regulator and an integrated charge pump for a stable supply voltage.

Reliability, protection, and safety

For reliable and stable operation, protection functions such as under voltage lockout, overvoltage protection with configurable threshold VREF, as well as fault communication and automatic fault clearing are provided. The output drivers have a high pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum cross- conduction of the drivers.

The MOTIXTM 6ED2742S01Q gate driver offers high durability, excellent thermal management, design, and functionality. It is an ideal one-size-fits-all solution for battery-powered applications from 10.8 V to 120 V.

Further features at a glance:

  • Integrated low RON through ultra-fast bootstrap diodes
  • Integrated short-pulse/noise-reduction input filter
  • Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis
  • 3.3 V, 5 V input logic compatible, outputs in phase with inputs

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