Emil Otto introduces ROL0 flux pastes

Emil Otto’s flux pastes are a range of paste-like electronic fluxes whose portfolio has now been expanded to include two more new products. In both cases, these are ROL0 fluxes which, thanks in part to their very good activation properties, can be used reliably in component repair, even for critical components.

“Flux pastes are a paste-like electronic flux that can be used in hand and repair soldering of any kind. Furthermore, flux pastes are suitable for dip tinning as well as special applications,” explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH. Both ROL0 fluxes are characterized by the fact that they leave only minimal residues on the circuit board after soldering. The residues are usually so small that they do not require additional cleaning. For this reason, these flux pastes are referred to as no-clean flux pastes. The two new products are the flux pastes EO-FP-003 and the flux paste according to EMIL, which are available immediately.

The flux paste EO-FP-003 was specially developed for repair work on printed circuit boards and for applications according to IPC/IPC 610. Especially for highly stressed assemblies, the flux paste can be ideally used within the repair work, as even contaminated pads and component pins can be activated. Due to the good activation properties of the paste, it can be used sparingly in small, metered quantities. The processing of the flux paste can be done by means of hot air and soldering irons but also with the mini wave.

The newly introduced flux paste according to EMIL is also a No Clean flux paste, which is also characterized by strong activation properties and very good wetting and spreading behavior. Due to its highly active activation properties, the flux paste according to EMIL reliably supports the wave soldering of particularly critical components, such as THT components with brass or nickel pins. “As a result, a sparingly dosed application of the paste is sufficient to achieve very good soldering results,” emphasizes Geßner. Similar to the EO-FP-003 flux paste, processing can be carried out using hot air and soldering irons, but also with the mini wave.


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