Detecting Natural Gas and Hydrogen in One Instrument

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is releasing an enhanced version of the popular Gasurveyor 700 (GS700), known as the GS700-Hydrogen. This upgraded model incorporates the capability to detect hydrogen (H2), in addition to its existing ability to detect natural gas (NG). This integration of natural gas and H2 detection within a single instrument enhances versatility and performance across various gas utility applications. Notably, extensive testing and collaboration with major UK gas utility companies played a crucial role in the development of this new instrument.

Whether it’s natural gas, pure hydrogen (100% H2), or hydrogen blends, the portable GS700-Hydrogen simplifies gas detection across applications like outdoor and indoor leak detection, purging, barholing and pipeline gas testing. Providing safety and peace of mind, the fully ATEX-certified instrument enables utilities to quickly determine the source of gas leaks.

The development of the lightweight (1.4kg) yet durable GS700-Hydrogen was supported by comprehensive field trials aligned with the hydrogen transition efforts of prominent UK utility companies: SGN and Northern Gas Networks.

In Scotland, SGN’s H100 Fife project will establish the world’s first green hydrogen gas network in Levenmouth, Fife. This pipeline, entirely dedicated to 100% hydrogen, will run parallel to the existing natural gas distribution pipeline, providing customers with a choice between the two gases. SGN collaborated with Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments, a Teledyne GFD brand, to develop the GS700-Hydrogen. This collaborative process ensured the instrument’s suitability for emergency response and engineering teams, enabling them to precisely detect and locate both H2 and natural gas leaks. The collaboration resulted in refining the instrument’s operation and validating its technology.

Teledyne GMI subsequently partnered with Northern Gas Networks as part of the UK’s ‘H21’ hydrogen homes project. Northern Gas Networks adopted the GS700-Hydrogen to ensure safety within their H21 networks and measure hydrogen during activities like purging and pipeline commissioning.

The successful outcome of this collaborative development approach, under real-world operating conditions, led to the inclusion of many added-value features. These include user-friendly display options that provide comprehensive gas readings at users’ fingertips. The instrument displays LEL, PPM and volume gas readings, with 360° alarms ensuring operator safety. Users can effortlessly view either the total flammable reading or the individual LEL readings (natural gas or hydrogen) at the touch of a button. The user interface is fully configurable, allowing customisation to the specific requirements and preferences of gas utilities.

Dedicated application modes, such as gas leak outdoors, purging, barholing and search operations, offer inherent flexibility. Each mode delivers fast and accurate measurements, aiding in swiftly pinpointing gas leaks and ensuring utilities are best equipped to protect people and safeguard property. Additionally, the GS700 incorporates compliance features through intelligent data-logging and optional GPS mapping. These functionalities simplify data collection and empower managers to make informed decisions based on data driven reports.

With the new GS700-Hydrogen from Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, any gas utility involved in hydrogen transitioning can now leverage the benefits of both H2 and natural gas detection using a high- performance and highly flexible all-in-one instrument.

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