DELO introduces active alignment adhesive for high-resolution automotive cameras

With DELO DUALBOND OB6799, DELO is launching an adhesive that has been optimized to meet the high optical requirements of modern driver assistance systems. With it, the adhesive manufacturer is setting new process speed and alignment accuracy standards for automotive cameras.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as lane departure warning and emergency braking systems are becoming increasingly capable, steadily improving vehicle safety. LiDAR and RADAR sensors, as well as high-resolution cameras, are essential to these systems.
A product specifically designed for bonding and active alignment of ADAS cameras is DELO DUALBOND OB6799. The epoxy adhesive  has a linear curing shrinkage that is reproducibly below one percent. In addition, the product exhibits extremely low swelling behavior, even under changing temperature and humidity conditions, so that camera focus remains optimally adjusted and can permanently fulfill its safety functions.
Since high-resolution cameras are primarily made of aluminum, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) was specially adapted to this material. Application-relevant aging tests (e.g., +85 °C/85 % r. h., 2000 h) confirm the adhesive’s high bonding strength to aluminum substrates.
Bonding and active alignment of ADAS cameras
DELO DUALBOND OB6799 is specifically optimized for active alignment processes. With this method, now established in the automotive industry for manufacturing high-precision optical sensor systems such as ADAS cameras, image sensor data is actively read to determine the optimal sensor alignment to optics.
Due to the adhesive’s rapid light fixation, the aligned components are precisely fixed within a few seconds and, from that point, reliably maintain their position. This makes DELO DUALBOND OB6799 ideal for manufacturing processes designed for high volumes with demanding efficiency as well as alignment accuracy requirements. The final curing of the adhesive takes place via low heat at +80 °C.
DELO DUALBOND OB6799 adds another active alignment adhesive to DELO’s product portfolio. The company also offers special adhesive and process technology solutions for LiDAR and RADAR systems.
More information on ADAS manufacturing trends will be available at the ADAS Manufacturing Virtual Conference on November 16, 2023. Experts from Bosch, Innoviz, Aview, Hella, and DELO will give presentations on sensors, cameras, and LiDAR systems in the automotive sector, with information on the latest developments in the manufacturing of safety systems for autonomous driving.

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