Avnet Abacus Presents TE Connectivity’s (TE) Solutions for Monitoring, Supervision & Control

The factory landscape is changing as a result of industrial automation. This paradigm shift promises increased safety and productivity, as well as substantial cost reductions. As this evolution unfolds, the demand for faster data transfer rates and higher power distribution becomes imperative. In response to this need, smart, reliable, and rugged products that can endure harsh environments while meeting stringent industrial protocols and standards have become the linchpin of this transformative journey.

Integrating monitoring, supervision and control devices enhances efficiency and contributes to the development of smart factories. These preventative maintenance systems utilise data from sensors connected to PLCs to monitor and assess the health of equipment. This information is then conveyed to operators through the HMI, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and process control. This approach maximises uptime, extends the lifespan of assets, and ultimately enhances overall operational efficiency.

As an authorised distributor, Avnet Abacus offers TE’s complete industrial connectivity portfolio including:

  • Buchanan PCB connectors with maintenance-free, push-in clamp technology ease installation and help give higher uptime and reliability to manufacturing process equipment and control devices. With various pitch and position sizes available, these products cater to a wide range of applications in harsh environments.
  • Industrial RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics feature a robust design, incorporating thicker gold plating that improves corrosion resistance and can reduce electrical issues throughout the equipment’s lifetime. Additionally, these connectors boast 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, enabling the support of remotely powered devices with a power output of up to 25.5W.
  • Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) technology transmits data and power over a single twisted pair. The compact design brings Ethernet down to the sensor level to provide machine data to higher-level systems, enabling real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Wire-to-board connectors bring durability, bandwidth and capabilities to automation system controls for HMIs and PLCs, which require the highest reliability. The Dynamic 8000 series, for example, provides connector solutions ranging from signal-level circuitry to power circuit connectivity in a rugged, industrial package.
  • Anti-vandal switches are designed to withstand tampering or intentional damage, providing a durable solution across various applications. Characterised by their high quality and reliability, the switches are available in various styles and sizes, including piezo, capacitive, and high-current options. This offering is complemented by emergency stop and sealed push button switches.
  • TE’s 8911N LoRaWAN™ 868 wireless vibration sensors measure both vibration and temperature data. This sensor combines a uniaxial or triaxial accelerometer, a data collector, and a radio into one compact, battery-operated device. This series is designed for harsh environments and is ATEX certified. It can be used for various applications such as condition monitoring, electric motors, robots and cobots, and many others.

Avnet Abacus serves as your expert partner throughout the entire industrial development process, offering support from the initial idea and prototyping phases to market launch and large-scale commercial production. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative industrial solutions through our valued supplier partnership with TE Connectivity. These solutions are designed to seamlessly connect the flow of power, data, and signal, ultimately helping you enhance efficiency and productivity, aligning with the goals of Industry 4.0.



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