Altus Group Celebrates Essemtec Fast and Furious Award for Top Sales

Altus Group, a leading supplier and service provider of capital equipment for the electronics industry, has been recognised with Essemtec’s prestigious ‘Fast and Furious Award’ for ‘Top Sales in One Quarter’. This accolade celebrates the company’s accomplishment in successfully implementing and installing Essemtec units for new users, facilitating their transition from existing platforms or establishing brand new OEM accounts.

In 2021, Altus began working with Essemtec, an industry leader in adaptive SMT pick-and-place equipment and intelligent production storage and logistic systems. This partnership was established to address the requirements of electronics companies, specifically low-volume, high-mix manufacturers, providing them with the most flexible technology and exceptional pre-and post-sales support.

Altus has now installed 12 units in the field, with a growing pipeline of interested parties drawn to the all-in-one solution provided alongside an industry-leading aftercare team. This prestigious award recognises Altus as the top suppliers of Essemtec units in Europe in a single quarter, reflecting the strong demand for Essemtec technology in the UK and Ireland.

“It’s a great accolade to win for the team and a huge boost to see how our efforts are paying off,” said Joe Booth, Altus Group CEO. “We knew from the outset that Essemtec had a unique and special technology, and our objective was to raise awareness and support as we always strive to do. The performance achieved to date has surpassed our initial expectations. It is truly rewarding to witness a continuous stream of new customers selecting Essemtec and Altus as their preferred suppliers for high-mix, low-volume, and high-volume dispensing-focused applications. We are confident this is just the beginning, and we look forward to many more successful implementations in the months and years.”

Rob Murphy, Area Sales Manager for Essemtec, added: “Essemtec and Altus have a really strong chemistry, and the partnership has only gone from strength to strength. The technical understanding of our offering has grown within the Altus team, and the awareness of our unique offering has filtered through the market. It’s been particularly exciting to see the number of brand new SMT manufacturers choosing our platforms, giving us the opportunity to implement our all-in-one systems and grow with them as they succeed. Altus is a thoroughly deserved winner of this accolade, and I believe it’s the first of many.”

The award was presented to Altus Group at the Productronica trade fair in Germany, reinforcing Altus’ position as a leading distributor of electronics assembly equipment in the UK and Ireland.

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