Altus Adds Innovative New Vapor Phase Soldering System from ASSCON

Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry, has further enhanced its product portfolio with the addition of the ASSCON VP810 Vapor Phase Soldering System, the latest innovation in vapor phase technology launched at this year’s Productronica trade fair in Munich.

Designed for users managing applications with frequent product changes in small series production, the VP810 offers versatile applications, making it ideal for prototyping, laboratory work, and process qualifications. Its compact design, characteristic of ASSCON’s stand-alone vapor phase soldering systems, allows for flexible loading on workpiece carriers and seamless integration into various production setups.

The VP810 maintains its predecessor’s cost efficiency and space-saving attributes, the VP800, while introducing an innovative touch display for user-friendly machine operation. The Advanced Management Interface enables external profile creation, system monitoring, and automatic production data logging. There is also the option to add the patented Multi Vacuum technology, which achieves void rates below 1%.

Altus Group CEO, Joe Booth said: “2023 has proven to be a milestone year for vapor phase soldering adoption in the UK and Ireland, marking our best performance yet since joining forces with ASSCON. We have supplied a diverse range of systems – from the fully inline VP2100-100 to the popular VP510 laboratory batch solution, which is our top-selling unit this year.

“ASSCON is a great company to work with, but what sets them apart is their commitment to continuous development and innovation. The release of the VP2100-100 in 2021 left a lasting impact on our local partners and resonated globally. Now, with the introduction of the VP810, ASSCON has adeptly bridged the gap between the VP510 and VP800 units. This provides customers with price sensitivity and an excellent entry point and positions the VP810 for success. We look forward to the unit’s widespread adoption and ASSCON’s next innovation.”

The VP810 sets a new standard for intelligent vapor phase soldering with its innovative sensor based profiling capability. This enables real-time temperature measurement at the product level during every soldering cycle, allowing for automated adjustment of profiles to dial in optimal parameters. The VP810 can now leverage this closed-loop temperature control even when running in vacuum mode for minimised voids.

The inclusion of the ASSCON VP810 further strengthens Altus’ product portfolio, addressing the evolving needs of customers with precision and innovation.

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