Altus Adds Award-Winning Sustainable Cleaning Technology from kolb

Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment for the electronics assembly industry, is pleased to announce the addition of the new award-winning kolb WPCL-EU to its portfolio. This innovative ‘Zerodischarge’ rinse water treatment module, recognised with the Global SMT Technology Award at the Productronica 2023, reinforces Altus’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable solutions for the electronics manufacturing sector.

Free from the need for external power, compressed air, or water connection, the stand-alone design of the WPCL-EU cleaning module simplifies integration into cleaning processes.  Importantly, WPCL-EU uses kolb’s innovative CrossLoop® technology, a circuit process with ZeroDischarge quadruple filtration, enabling the recovery and recycling of rinse water. This significantly increases the conservation of water resources, reducing the need for fresh water to near-zero during the entire cleaner service life. This minimises the associated costs of water supply, but also addresses the expense of disposing of contaminated wastewater.

“Environmental sustainability is a key decision-making variable for customers in our region as manufacturers of electronic products lean into producing their products as sustainably as possible,” said Joe Booth, Altus Group CEO.

“This is the latest release by kolb that shows that they are listening not just to their customers but to global trends. The recent Global SMT Technology Award received by Kolb at Productronica is a testament to that.

“WPCL-EU is another great example of kolb’s innovative ethos. This follows the release of biodegradable chemistry containers and of course, utilising a fundamentally low energy cleaning process (aqueous), making kolb a true ‘green’ provider. “

Christian Ortmann, CEO of kolb Cleaning Technology, added: “Receiving the Global SMT Technology Award for this external water treatment module not only make us proud, but confirms that we are on the right path with our efforts to create a resource-saving cleaning process.”

The compact and fully enclosed ClosedLoop® technology WPCL EU module easily integrates with kolb’s AQUBE® and PSE MH/MV, as well as PSE 300 two-tank systems. This innovative module eliminates the usual inlets and outlets for rinse water connections, streamlining the cleaning process and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Altus Group can now provide electronics manufacturers with kolb’s award-winning sustainable cleaning systems featuring the new WPCL-EU module. The innovative technology aligns with the growing demand for more environmentally friendly production solutions.

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