AI is a golden opportunity for developers and not a ‘destroyer of jobs’

More investment in AI means that developers will be needed to build and maintain powerful AI infrastructure and products

Earlier this year, the Bank of England (BoE) has offered assurances to workers that AI should not be seen as a ‘destroyer of jobs’ and instead, its potential should be embraced. Much investment has poured into AI-based skills and services, prompting alarm bells to ring for those concerned with human-operated jobs being made redundant at the hands of AI.

The comments from the BoE should provide reassurances to business leaders and their workforce that AI is here to help, rather than a threat. For developers – experienced, junior-level or aspiring – now is the time to invest in themselves and take the time to learn about the possibilities AI development can offer them.

Jane Gormley, Director of Employer Engagement at Code Institute comments: “Demand for AI knowledge and skills is on the rise across many sectors. The discourse surrounding AI as a ‘destroyer of jobs’ has rightfully been put to bed by a key institution. Whilst there may be some change, the new opportunities arising from AI will outpace the negatives.

“In the Developer space, engineers will see an uptick in demand for expertise in artificial intelligence. More investment in AI means that developers will be needed to build and maintain powerful AI infrastructure and products – either as part of, or a core responsibility of their daily roles.

“The first step for any aspiring developer is education. Seeking comprehensive and fully accredited education pathways will build the knowledge foundation for a developer to lead a successful career in the emerging AI-dominated landscape. As competition increases, the requirement to stand out in the candidate job market is also growing. Be that for experienced Developers or those looking for a career change – the avenues are out there for professionals to invest in their futures and upskill or reskill themselves towards AI development.

“Right now, there are a growing number of positions in the AI space which need to be filled by qualified developers. For these developers, taking proactive steps to educate themselves with key languages such as Python and Java to name just two, with an accommodating education partner will be the beginning of the journey for many to fulfil this surge in demand in the industry.”

Gormley concludes: “The level of concern around the potential of AI has been ongoing for a number of years now. The comments made by the Bank of England will hopefully spell an end to the large proportion of fear around AI advancement.

“Coders should look at this time as a golden opportunity for their personal growth and career progression. Embracing an AI-driven future is a potentially limitless one for the sector and will undoubtedly trigger a surge in demand for roles and education courses too. Rather than a ‘destroyer of jobs’, we are on the cusp of seeing a tidal wave of knowledge and innovation flood in and advance businesses and public services into a new world powered by automation.”

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