Achieving Breakthrough Flux and Precise Color Control with RGBW Module

Lumileds recently launched the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W that delivers true color points and ensures brilliant color designs especially in space-constrained lighting applications. This RGBW 4-in-1 package with leading performance is designed to eliminate the problem of crosstalk, allowing lighting designers to consistently achieve exact color points needed. Moreover, the colors in the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W can be individually or separately controlled for maximum flexibility in lighting design. Check out the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W for more information.

LED Design

An important requirement for architectural and entertainment lighting is the design flexibility to allow secondary optics to work with any color in the spectrum of available color LEDs. This has traditionally been a struggle as secondary optic designs varied depending on the color scheme chosen because the emission surface height is not consistent across different color LEDs. To overcome this color mismatch issue, Lumileds specifically designed  LUXEON C Color Line and LUXEON CZ Color Line to have one focal length. In other words, for LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ, the distance between the PCB and focal point of the secondary optics is equivalent across all our color LEDs. This important design choice allows for optic selection to be made independent of the proposed color, which saves on secondary optic costs for architectural projects which often involve diverse colors. Lumileds’ unique one focal length design also reduces the halo effect caused by differences in various color LED wavelengths. Moreover, the same focal length across all the colors enables smooth and consistent color mixing and faster time to market. To learn more about how Lumileds stands out from competitors in the color LED space, check out LUXEON C Color Line and LUXEON CZ Color Line.

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