Z-AXIS Adds Equipment for Mixed-Technology PCB Assembly

Z-AXIS, Inc. has added a Universal Instruments Radial 88HT automated through-hole insertion machine at its electronics design and contract manufacturing center that is located near Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, New York. The $200,000 investment increases the company’s production capacity for through-hole and mixed-technology printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

The Radial 88HT is manufactured by Universal Instruments near Binghamton, NY.

“We continue to invest in technology to meet the demand for USA manufacturing of mixed-technology PCBs, which are critical for applications such as power circuits and motor drivers,” said Z-AXIS President Michael Allen. “The Radial 88HT is much faster than manual insertion, and eliminates a separate manual step of trimming leads. It improves quality by clinching the component leads as it inserts them, for consistently strong solder joints and easier board handling.”

In a related investment, the company recently upgraded its manual mixed-technology PCBA assembly line with new board handling rails, task lighting, and digital displays of assembly instructions.

“By combining automated and manual insertion of through-hole components, we can give our customers the greatest flexibility, highest throughput, and lowest labor cost in precision electronics manufacturing,” Allen said.

Watch the video:  https://www.zaxis.net/video-through-hole-component-insertion-robotic-and-manual/

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