Why choose CamdenBoss’ terminal blocks?

CamdenBoss has established itself for over 50 years as a well-known, trusted brand and manufacturer of industry standard terminal blocks. Whilst variety is key, we understand a comprehensive range is more proficient. The crowded market place can make it difficult for OEM’s to design in the right terminal blocks and there for, it is ensured we provide a fine-tuned selection of high-quality product that is competitively priced and holds electrical compliance. Our range is broad enough to allow customers the breadth they require, but without offsetting the selection with ‘duplicated’ parts.

Current is one of the most important factors to that will distinguish a terminal block’s applicability to your circuit. Pushing too much current through a terminal block can cause overheating and result in a fire. Larger terminal blocks can typically withstand larger amounts of current, but sacrifice space as they will take up more room.

Whilst most terminal blocks will be able to withstand the voltage requirements of an average circuit, this can also be decision point. Over voltage can lead to leakage and arc’s between terminals, therefore larger voltages would require a larger pitch spacing.

As it is their main function to hold and connect wires, the gauge and efficiency of carrying out this task is also important. It is worth investigating the recommended wire size of a terminal block before use, as well as the type of wires, eg. single or multi core.

CamdenBoss manufactures and stocks four main types of terminal blocks in the core range.

Standard PCB terminal blocks are your typical wire to board assembly connectors, soldered onto the PCB by through hole pins. The provide a screw type termination to hold the wire in place and utilise either a wire protector or rising clamp to hold the wire in place. Within the range a comprehensive selection of low and standard profiles are available, alongside higher profile blocks for larger current requirements and a wider pitch for higher voltages. The pitch sizes in this category start at 2.54mm pitch and work up to 10.16mm, providing an ideal selection for various applications.

Pluggable terminal blocks work using two halves, a male terminal block that is soldered to the PCB and a female terminal block that acts as a plug. This method is more commonly used in applications where disconnection and reconnections are required, for example maintenance reasons or plugging in diagnostic equipment to machinery. The wires do not need to be taken out and therefore saves the user time. Pluggable terminal blocks are a slightly more premium product, however are more efficient in many ways compared to standard terminal blocks.

Screwless solutions share similar aspects to that of a pluggable block, ie they can help reduce maintenance and set up times of large assemblies. An actuator or lever is pressed, opening the cage clamp, in which the wire is inserted and held. Like rising clamps, the cage clamp does not become perished and provides a premium alternative to standard connectors. Available in pitch sizes from 2.54mm up to 7.62mm.

CamdenBoss also manufactures a choice of DIN Rail mounted pluggable connectors, available in either 5mm or 5.08mm pitch sizes. Using this style, a pluggable connection to a fixed DIN Rail installation can be achieved.

To find the right terminal block for you, contact our sales team on 01638 716101 or visit the terminal block marketing section on our website www.camdenboss.com/terminal-blocks

About CamdenBoss:

CamdenBoss continues to push the boundaries on providing customer driven solutions, utilising 50 years of manufacturing experience.

As the biggest innovator of high-quality plastic enclosures and electro-mechanical components in the UK, CamdenBoss has built an unbeatable reputation for providing a broad and comprehensive range of products, guaranteed to satisfy any requirement.

CamdenBoss consistently drive quality and innovation to enable the customer to stand out from the crowd. They remain the only company to provide multiple industrial products including terminal blocks, waterproof connectors, fuses and fuse holders, along with customised plastic and metal enclosures. Giving the customer engineered solutions and modern products all designed around today’s market

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