VCC Introduces DSM7T Series

SAN DIEGO, CA , January 17, 2018
Visual Communications Company (VCC) launches New Surface Mount 7-segment LED Display Series – Specially designed for an automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce production costs.

Available in blue, red and pure green LEDs, these thin numeric displays are ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial devices, light controls, medical and transportation equipment.

“The DSM7T Series really shines when a two or more seven-segment displays are connected to each other and decimals are valuable to communicating with operators or end users. Other key features of great value to our clients are the side-by-side mounting capability that saves space on the PCB, and SMD technology that eliminates additional soldering and manual labor, both features providing significant cost savings during assembly.”

Sannah Vinding

Director of Product Development & Marketing, VCC

DSM7T Quick Tips:

  • 1-digit seven segment SMD LED numeric display
  • Includes a decimal point, useful when two or more display are connected to each other
  • Available in 3 different digits heights: 0.28”, 0.39”, 0.56”
  • High light output and excellent character appearance
  • Side by side mounting allows space saving
  • Available in 3 different colors: blue, red and pure green
  • Support top mount and reverse mount configurations

For more information on DSM7T Series please click here.

The DSM7T Series is available through distribution channels in January 2018.

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