Using BOGEYBOARD, create your own Remote Control switch!

In this article, we’re going to walk you through how anyone can create their own remote control transmitter, with either an external 4 – 24 VDC or a battery-powered power supply, using the RF Solutions BOGEYBOARD.

BOGEYBOARD is a four-input transmitter board that requires at least one volt-free switch wired into it’s set of four screw terminal inputs. Once a switch is wired in and power is supplied, it can transmit an RF signal to an RF Solutions receiver, from up to a range of 1 kilometre.

As of 2020, there are two different versions of BOGEYBOARD: the 4-24VDC external power supply version, which requires a permanent live feed of 4 – 24 volts supplied; or the battery-powered version, which is supplied power by an on-board CR2032 coin cell battery. Both versions are available on 868MHzwith the external power-supplied version available on 433MHz.

Once you have a BOGEYBOARD, you can get started in creating your own transmitter by following these easy steps:

Supply power to your version of the BOGEYBOARD:

For the external power-supplied version, supply a 4 – 24VDC permanent power supply to your power supply screw terminals.

For the battery-powered version, this is complete as a CR2032 battery is supplied.

Wiring in a 12V Power Supply to External Power Supply Screw Terminals


Wire in your volt-free switch(es):

You can wire in up to four switches, but BOGEYBOARD requires at least one switch to transmit an RF signal.

An example enclosure; a latching Door Open Switch

Place your BOGEYBOARD into a secure enclosure:

Example shown, BOGEYBOARD placed in a custom enclosure for demonstration purposes.

Please Note: For metal enclosures, threading the BOGEYBOARD antenna outside the enclosure will provide best performance/range.

Fitting the On-board Power Supply version of BOGEYBOARD inside Enclosure

Pair to your receiver:

When your receiver is in pairing mode, press the switch you wish to pair to your receiver’s relay.

Please Note: The BOGEYBOARD is only compatible with RF Solutions receivers on the same frequency. Check which frequency your receiver operates on and that your BOGEYBOARD is compatible with that receiver. For the full list, see the compatibility table below.

Sending a Transmission from BOGEYBOARD Transmitter when Compatible
RF Solutions Receiver is in Pairing Mode

Place your BOGEYBOARD transmitter in a suitable location:

Place your BOGEYBOARD in a convenient location to you! We’ve fixed this enclosure up to the wall, roughly 100 metres away from the relay it is switching. You have now created your own custom transmitter using the BOGEYBOARD. And yes, it really is that easy!

A custom ‘door-open’ enclosure mounted on a wall with a BOGEYBOARD-8T4 Inside
TRAP-8R4 Receiver Mounted on a Wall near a Roller Shutter Door


You can also take at the BOGEYBOARDs in the video below!

To view the 868MHz BOGEYBOARDs, click here!

To view the 433MHz BOGEYBOARD, click here!

Source: RF Solutions

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