Three-phase brushless motor controller enables easy switching

Toshiba Electronics has announced the launch of a new three-phase brushless fan motor controller IC for white goods that realises high efficiency drive and noise reduction. Conventionally, motor control is carried out by a microcontroller and an 8-pole rotor using a rotation-control signal that delivers three pulses per cycle.

The new TB67B054FTG can control the rotation speed of a 12-pole rotor with a standard microcontroller system by using a rotation-control signal that delivers two pulses in a single cycle. Switching from an 8-pole to 12-pole rotor achieves higher drive efficiency and reduces system noise. However, rotation control for an 8-pole rotor can also be implemented, thereby shortening the development cycle.

The controller is housed in a small surface-mount 32-pin QFN type package, which has a 68% smaller mounting area (5.0×5.0mm) than the widely used 30-pin SSOP package, thereby saving PCB space and allowing use in densely-populated applications.

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