Thermal Imagers for Service & Maintenance Engineers

Flir’s E52 thermal imager: an Exx series entry-level product for easy, fast and efficient inspection tasks.

  • Efficient workflows thanks to built-in Flir Inspection Route software
  • Automated uploads to and storage in the Flir Ignite Cloud
  • MSX® technology for a larger field of view and higher depth resolution

The Conrad Sourcing Platform offers a huge range of testing and diagnostics equipment. Whether it’s residential property, office buildings or industrial production halls, thermal imagers are an important part of Conrad’s industrial-grade product range. They enable thorough non-invasive structural inspection of buildings, troubleshooting of machinery and plant, and pinpointing HVAC issues. Flir‘s E52 thermal imager constitutes an entry-level product in the company’s Exx series and comes with the entire range of features you need to carry out all basic surveys and inspections.

An IR Camera Packed with Useful Features

“Exx series imagers are designed around the latest technology. Aimed at building engineers, MRO workers, product developers and researchers, the Exx range raises the bar for what handheld cameras are capable of these days,” explains Rickard Lindvall, General Manager Business Solutions at Teledyne Flir. “The excellent thermal sensitivity and resolution of the E52 as well as its built-in inspection route functions help users in industry and trade make fact-based decisions which means getting the job done way more efficiently. And that at a very competitive price.”

The imager comes with a 240 x 180p resolution, reads temperatures of up to 550°C and provides sharp high-intensity colour images, with Flir’s patented MSX technology enhancing both image details and increasing the field of view. Flir’s 1-Touch-Level/Span feature boosts the contrast of a small area of focus in an image, all of which happens by touching the display once. What’s more, the E52 detects distinct temperature spots (hot spots, cold spots, average), displaying the maximum and minimum readings, respectively, in real time.

New: Routing Software now a Standard Feature

Anyone who needs to check the state of numerous devices and machinery parts on a daily or regular basis will definitely make good use of the exclusive Inspection Route software that enables setting up maintenance areas, to be inspected routinely. This software is now a standard feature of all cameras in Flir’s Exx product line. Moreover, there is the Flir’s Thermal Studio Pro software package available separately in the form of an annual subscription.

Choosing the complete Routing package lets you come up with user-defined inspections and pre-set inspection routes, and also enables data sharing, to make workflows more efficient. Inspection routes are set up using the Route Creator plugin in Thermal Studio Pro, with the routes being forwarded to the IR camera afterwards. This means being guided to pre-set inspection areas, taking readings and collecting, managing and uploading the data to the Flir Ignite cloud. As all images are safely stored in the cloud, they can be shared with other team members and customers whenever necessary. The product also features a built-in microphone that records audio commentary as well as other useful functions centred around reporting which overall makes the life of service and maintenance engineers so much easier.

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