The New MAGLITE ML150LR™ and ML150LRX™

Our first 1,000-lumen flashlight did not happen by accident. As white-light power LED technology has improved, Mag Instrument R&D has been paying attention. With latest-generation LEDs, it’s possible to produce more light with lower power consumption that could have been imagined even a short while ago. But new ultra-bright LEDs also brought new challenges: They generate lots of heat; and if an LED overheats, its efficiency plummets. As its temperature rises, the LED demands more and more power to make less and less light.

Flashlight Features:
• Advanced heat sink improves brightness and power management.
• User-friendly QuickClik® interface.
• Customizable for fast access to each user’s preferred functions – High, Low, Eco, 12 Hz Strobe, Momentary On/Off.

Rechargeable Battery Features: 
• Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry for improved safety and performance.
• Long service life – up to 2,000 charge/discharge cycles

Charging Cradle Features: 
• Fully charges dead battery in 2.5 hrs.
• Cradle securely clamps light even in rough conditions.
• Cannot overcharge battery.
• Supplied with AC and DC adapters.

Heat management, therefore, is a critical challenge, one that holds the key to unlock the full light-producing potential of the newest, brightest LEDs. Mag Instrument has met that challenge by developing an innovative heat-sinking technology. The ML150LR™ is the first flashlight to employ that recently-patented technology, which is exclusive to Mag Instrument.

The ML150LR™ is also Mag’s first mid-size flashlight to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery chemistry, which affords greater safety than older rechargeable chemistries and allows faster recharging (about 2.5 hours from “dead” to “full”).

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