Temperature measurement with SHT31 SMART GADGET

Step-by-step instructions on how to easily and without big investments get the overview of the change of the temperature or the humidity with Sensirion´s development kit via Bluetooth and its application straight in your smartphone.

In metrological practice, depending on the type of measurement, it is sometimes necessary to monitor the ambient temperature. If measurements are not performed under laboratory conditions, the temperature is the influence that can contribute to the uncertainty of the measurement result. How, however, do you get an overview of temperature changes?

There are several options – from expansion thermometers, through cheap handheld multimeters with temperature sensors, non-contact temperature meters, to expensive benchtop multimeters with a choice of several types of temperature sensors.

Of course, the choice of the measuring instrument is based on the range of measured temperatures and measurement accuracy requirements. Considering the need to transfer the measured data to PC, the expansion thermometers and handheld multimeters are left out.

The accuracy of measurements with handheld multimeters with temperature sensor ranges from 0.8% to 2% + 3 to 10 least significant digits with a fairly common resolution of 1 °C. Better resolution offers, for example, multimeter MS 8209 (0.1 °C), but with an accuracy of 2% + 1 °C. The cost of such a device can be up to € 100. The accuracy of non-contact measuring instruments is lower, but they provide a larger range of measured temperatures. Such devices are available for price up to € 200.

Benchtop multimeter, e.g. Rigol 3068 (6 ½ digits) allows the transfer of measured data to a PC via LAN, GPIB and RS232 with the ability to store data on USB (up to 5000 samples). The measurement error ranges from 0.08 °C to 0.6 °C depending on the sensor used. However, this is a more expensive solution because the price of the multimeter and temperature sensor may exceed 1000 €.

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