TE Connectivity releases 2017 global corporate responsibility report

Report details how TE’s operations and products work to create a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future

TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL), a world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, released its eighth annual corporate responsibility report today, illustrating how the company strives to produce the best possible solutions while operating with the highest ethics and principles. This report also demonstrates how TE’s actions and accomplishments align with the company’s purpose of creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.


“Sustainability is a priority for TE,” said Terrence Curtin, CEO of TE Connectivity. “We view acting responsibly and sustainably as essential to our goal of being a premier partner to our customers, providing superior returns to our shareholders and engaging our employees. We are excited to share our eighth annual corporate responsibility report, and look forward to continuously demonstrating that companies like TE can be both financially successful and have a positive impact in the world.”

This year’s corporate responsibility report illustrates how TE’s products, people and operations embody the company’s purpose:

  • Engineering a Safer Tomorrow: TE’s products continue to make life safer through thousands of applications – from minimally invasive medical devices to autonomous vehicles and highly connected airplanes. TE also works to ensure the safety of company employees. This year, 73 percent of TE facilities completed the year with one recordable injury/illness or less, and TE has seen a 63 percent reduction in recordable injuries/illnesses since 2010. TE also assessed internal privacy compliance processes to ensure employees’ and customers’ data is stored safely and in line with privacy regulations around the world.
  • Supporting Sustainable Innovation: TE strives to act sustainably in our operations while also helping our customers limit their impact on the environment. For example, TE has worked to help develop emission-less diesel engines and support clean energy solutions for thousands of households. In our own operations, TE has reduced overall energy use intensity by 22 percent and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent since 2010. This year, TE also implemented a new Product Compliance Dashboard, helping TE to stay compliant with product regulations around the world.
  • Solutions for a Productive Future: TE continues to help customers increase their productivity, while also manufacturing our products in a more efficient manner. TE’s Internet of Things (IoT) technologies make our factories smarter and more efficient, and also help our customers to harness the power of data everywhere. The application of TE’s products, from 3D printers to drone technology, helps increase the productivity of industries and consumers around the world.
  • Creating Connections that Count: This year, TE worked to keep our customers digitally connected, while building connections for our employees and communities. TE employees participated in more than 200,000 hours of career and compliance training, helping them achieve their potential at TE. Outside the walls of TE, our employees volunteered 26,000 hours toward the charitable causes that are most important to them, and TE and the TE Connectivity Foundation donated $4.75 million to charitable causes around the world.

Read the report and more about TE’s Global Corporate Responsibility program at http://www.te.com/responsibility.

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