Solving technology challenges for a sustainable world

Take a closer look at TT and you’ll soon discover that the most important things we offer aren’t manufactured.

Our medical capabilities enhance lives daily, helping to deliver improved patient outcomes.  Across the globe we develop solutions that create more connected, cleaner, and smarter communities, while our aerospace and defence capabilities help to protect what is precious and get us where we need to go, safely.

When it comes to knowledge, insight and expertise we are quite literally on another planet – with a little help from NASA’s Mars Rover lander where TT designed sensors help control the speed and movement of Perseverance’s robotic arms.

TT’s custom Power and Control solutions are trusted by the world’s leading aerospace and defence manufacturers to deliver size, weight and efficiency benefits to meet the most demanding specifications in the harshest operating environments.

We work in partnership with OEM’s to reduce risk, develop a more reliable product and accelerate time to market. Our smart solutions improve the precision, speed and performance of highly engineered electronics powering the aerospace and defence projects of today and tomorrow. Learn more about our market-leading solutions here.

Improve Performance. Develop A More Reliable and Efficient Product Accelerate Time to Market.

High-mix, low-volume is what we do best. From the way we set up our manufacturing lines, to the markets we are dedicated to, our entire business is built to support complex high-mix, low-volume needs in the most demanding markets which include Aerospace, Defence, and Healthcare.

Working in partnership, we seek to understand your vision and what you’re trying to do in the market. We work side-by-side with you through that journey to deliver a custom solution that ensures you can accomplish your vision.

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