SLD-80 Series 80W Slim and Linear Type LED Driver

MEAN WELL unveils the new linear type SLD series with both mechanism and specification strengths. The 12V/24V models are the constant voltage and current mode for any 12V/24V LED strip application in the market. As for the 56V model, it applies the constant power mode, which downsizes the model numbers. The 56V model is suitable for any LED luminaires design with output forward voltage between 30V to 56V. The built-in potentiometer design is kept for the user to flexibly adjust output driver current from minimum 700 mA to maximum 2100 mA. (CP mode full power output: 1400 mA to 2100 mA)

The launch of SLD series is believed to meet the requirements for wider and different lighting applications. Its’ slim and linear appearance is suitable for decoration lighting/signage and linear luminaire application.

Moreover, the SLD series is designed with Class II/2 design and SELV design (fire-proof for plastic case and voltage under 60), making it safer for all users. Besides, the input and output with a push pin terminal block make the assembly process easier for the installer and manufacturer.

*SLD-50 Series (50W) will be released in September.

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