Sealed connections with GCT’s new Aquanex waterproof Micro USB

As part of an exciting new product line from GCT, the Aquanex waterproof connector range brings together high performance USB connectors with excellent IP rated sealing.

The first connector launched from the Aquanex range, the USB3500, is a horizontal mid-plane mounted micro USB connector sealed to IP67.


The shell of the USB3500 is made from a one piece stainless steel construction for added integrity using an innovative metal injection moulding manufacturing process, then plated in nickel.  A silicon seal is moulded to the exact connector profile to ensure reliability against the flange, creating an optimal seal.  The one piece metal injected shell provides the USB3500 with a compact form factor at 10x4x5.3mm


Four mounting posts provide secure attachment to the PCB, reducing assembly time since no screws or fixing is required.  Over 10,000 mounting cycles and an operating temperature between -20°C to +85°C add to the USB3500 durability credentials.


“The Aquanex USB3500 sets a new standard for GCT and moves our connectors into more demanding environments and applications,” commented Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager.  “We’re seeing increasing demand for water and dustproof connectors and the USB3500 is only the beginning for GCT.  We will be pushing the boundaries and performance in the USB segment by offering more innovative IP rated solutions, including unique to market products too.”


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