Ruggedized PCB Mount Opto-Electronic Transceiver Modules by Glenair – from Aerco

Surface-Mount Opto-Electronic Interconnect/Board Assemblies for Rugged Vibration and Shock Applications ruggedized for harsh environment.

Glenair’s innovative small form factor PCB mount opto-electronic transceiver modules are ruggedized harsh environment equivalents to SFP transceivers but with a mechanical design suited to harsh temperature, vibration and shock environments, such as those found in Military, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Railway, and Industrial applications.

Targeted for ‘inside the box’, these connectorized optical modules offer the smallest footprint available, saving over 60% space over SFP solutions, with no soldering required and support for up to 10Gbps rates. The range includes parallel optical transceivers with MT ribbon fibre interfaces and shielded radiation-tolerant transceivers, hardened for mission critical applications. There is optional support for a Digital Monitoring Interface (DMI) in accordance with SFF 8472.

The transceiver module is comprised of a transmitter section and a receiver section that reside on a common package and employ Glenair’s highly tolerant GC fibre optic connectors. Interfacing with the host board is through a 30Gbps Samtec high-speed surface mount electrical connector, employing CML signalling with 100ohm differential inputs and outputs. Multi-mode and single-mode fibre versions support solutions up to 10Gbps with 10Km reach or 2.5Gbps with 40Km reach are available.

Glenair fibre optic jumpers connect from the transceiver to any Glenair Mil/Aero fibre optic connector style and a full range of evaluation boards are available, including an FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) version.

Standard rating is for -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, with extended temperature ranges available on request.

About Aerco

Aerco is a stockist and distributor of electrical components, supplying manufacturers and service companies within the aerospace, defence, medical, industrial, rail and transportation markets throughout the world. Aerco maintains franchised partnerships with world-class manufacturers positioning the company as a trusted and valued partner for Supplier Reduction Programmes. Aerco’s Design Support service enables customers to benefit from the company’s extensive product knowledge, minimising product selection effort required by design engineers.

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