ROHM’s new EcoSiC™ brand combines Performance and Sustainability

ROHM has announced the launch of its new EcoSiC™ brand. EcoSiC™ is a trademark for ROHM products using the advanced material silicon carbide (SiC). SiC is seen as a key material for the next generation of power semiconductors. It offers significant advantages in efficiency and reliability, particularly in high-performance applications such as electric vehicles, industrial equipment and renewable energy systems. With the introduction of EcoSiC™, ROHM is positioning itself as a provider of advanced and sustainable technologies.

Goals and Significance
With the EcoSiC™ logo, ROHM aims to further establish its brand in the field of SiC technologies. The logo is designed to provide customers and stakeholders with a clear picture of ROHM’s role as a leading supplier of SiC power semiconductors. The introduction of this logo is part of ROHM’s overarching “Power Eco Family” branding concept. It aims to maximize the efficiency and compactness of electronic applications while making a positive contribution to the environment. The EcoGaN™ has already been used since 2022 – supporting ROHM’s growing portfolio of power devices using gallium nitride and its outstanding properties in terms of switching speed. ROHM will also add high-performance silicon products to the Eco family in the future.

The launch of the EcoSiC™ brand pursues several strategic objectives:

  • Improved performance: SiC devices enable higher switching frequencies and lower losses, leading to more efficient and compact systems.
  • Sustainability: Promoting eco-friendly products – such as carbon neutral SiC technologies – significantly reduce energy consumption in applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.
  • Technological Innovation: Positioning ROHM as a leading company in the development and manufacture of SiC products. ROHM continually invests in research and development to improve the performance of SiC components. On top, ROHM expands its production capacities to meet the increasing demand of SiC components.

Design and Significance of the EcoSiC™ Logo
The EcoSiC™ logo combines the terms “Eco” and “SiC,” symbolizing the connection between ecosystem and technological excellence. The design integrates circuit patterns and hexagonal crystal structures, representing the precision and innovation of SiC technology. These elements highlight ROHM’s commitment to providing advanced and sustainable solutions.

Brand Guidelines

  • Typography: Clear and modern fonts that reflect the commitment to innovation and environmental awareness.
  • Design Elements: Use of motifs such as circuit patterns and hexagonal structures to depict technical precision and innovation.
  • Color Scheme: A palette that emphasizes both sustainability and technological excellence.

EcoSiC™ is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.

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