Rhopoint Components are now stocking a selection of the TR1 sensor series from Merit Sensor

The TR pcb mountable pressure transducer series from Merit SensorTM is a rugged, direct-media pressure monitoring solution designed for today’s toughest pressure sensing environments.

This pressure transducer series offers a pressure range from 15psi to 500psi with a fully compensated amplified output. The TR series from Merit SensorTM is designed for air, liquid and gas harsh media compatibility, over a broad temperature range of −40°C to +150°C, with an accuracy of ±2.5%. The design includes a 4.7kΩ circuit protection pull-up resistor, operates on a single 5VDC supply, and no external components required for operation. The TR series combines Merit Sensor’s Systems Sentium process harsh media MEMS piezoresistive die with state-of-the-art pressure sensor ASIC signal management.


Typical applications for the Merit SensorTM TR series include:

  • Industrial
    • HVAC system monitoring
    • Industrial automation
    • Process monitoring
    • Air-conditioning (refrigerant systems)
    • Portable measurement and analysis instrumentation
    • Water level and pressure monitoring
  • Automotive
    • Transmission fluid pressure
    • Fuel system pressure
    • Oil system pressure
    • EGR system pressure
    • DEF system
    • Manifold absolute pressure
    • Fuel Rail system pressure
  • Medical
    • Diagnostics and analysis equipment

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