Relec Electronics signs distribution agreement with Artesyn Embedded Power

Relec adds to its extensive range of AC-DC and DC-DC products with a diverse portfolio for medical, communications, computing, server storage, industrial and horticultural products.

The iHP series are available with single or 3 phase inputs and provide modular 3kW blocks with up to 8 modules in a single chassis.  Modules can be used as voltage or current sources and can be programmed by analogue or digital means.  Typical applications include semiconductor fabrication, horticultural lighting and medical products

There is also the AI Series of conduction cooled, pcb mount power factor correction modules.  Products are available which accept 100 – 122Vac or 85 – 264Vac inputs and can accommodate AC supply frequencies up to 800 Hz for avionic applications. The encapsulated design utilises a baseplate cooling system, allowing operation to temperatures up to 100˚C with start up from temperatures as low as -40˚C, making them suitable for harsh environment applications.

The LCC Series are fully-enclosed conduction cooled power supplies delivering full useable power at temperatures up to +85˚C. The LCC series (Figure 2) are available with options for IP64 or IP65 protection against the ingress of dust and water. They are ideal for applications such as outdoor signage and telecoms installations like antenna and base station equipment, or anywhere where fan cooling is detrimental to the long term reliability of the final product.

Additional products to consider...