Next-gen of low power DC/DC converters (from SOS electronic)

A major leap in DC/DC construction technology opens the door to affordable and more effective TracoPower products developed for high-volume applications.

Latest technology achievements in machine wound coils, SMD technology and robotics enabled TRACO to develop and manufacture 1-3W DC/DC converters with better heat resistance, higher efficiency and lower price.

The TSR1E, TEA1, TEA1E, TEA1HI, TBA1, TBA1E, TBA1HI, TBA2, TEC2, TEC2WI, TEC3 and TEC3WI series are made using these technology achievements and can operate in up to +85°C without derating.

All these new families are especially suited for high volume applications because of the lower price.

Main features:
  • Highly cost-efficient design
  • Standard I/O isolation of 1500VDC with optional 4000VDC 
  • -40°C to +86°C operating temperature range without derating
  • Available input ranges ±10%, 2:1 and 4:1 
  • Industry-standard SIP-4, SIP-7 and SIP-8 packages 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Space and cost critical applications 
  • High volume projects where simple and reliable products are needed

Overview of 1-3W DC/DC added recently:

We have included the new generations of TracoPower DC/DC converters in our product range.

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