New WinRFCalc release v.


What’s new in this release?


  • MAJOR: RF-Toolbox RENAMED to WinRFCalc. [Windows RF Calculator]
  • Main form: Menu / File added an ON TOP item. Click on this to have the form always on top of all other windows.

NEW MENU: The following forms have a menu item “Wikipedia” offering a direct link to a Wikipedia
page covering the topic of the form:

– Antenna gain
– Friis transmission calculator
– Modulation index
– RF Mixer spurs
– PW shielding
– NF shielding
– Skin depth
– Wave guide cut-off
– Basic Electrical [Series + Parallel]
– Resistive attenuator
– Resistive VSWR improvement
– Cascaded noise, gain / intermodulation / IP3
– L and C reactance
– LC resonance
– Noise
– Coaxial Cable
– Butterworth filters
– Decimal to Binary/Octal/Hexadecimal converter


Some minor bugs in calculations resolved and fixed.
Improved version checking to the latest available version of the software.

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